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Library of the Scientific Institution Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy - IHTM falls to specialized scientific library. The users are primarily employed at the institute, but is also open to external users.

The library has a long tradition. It is located within the Institute since its inception, more precisely from to 1961. Otherwise, IHTM continued the tradition of the National Chemical Laboratory, which is still 1859. founded by Prince Milos Obrenovic.

Fund of Library consists of more than 17,000 foreign and domestic publications.
Central Library IHTM -a is located in Njegoševa 12. Reference library are located in the Centers of IHTM who use space in the Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy.

Library of Scientific Institution Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy is connected via the academic computer network with the parent library " Svetozar Markovic" in Belgrade. The library is registered in a central register kept by the Library of Serbia University library " Svetozar Markovic " 27.08.1995. 570/35 and Decision No. 06-570 / 36.

Library of ICTM is a member of the Community Library of Serbia , Library Association of Serbia and Sections librarians and librarians Community Institute of Serbia.

Library operation is automated, it is in the program WINISIS, which fully supports ISO standards prescribed by the IFLA organization, a built- in library activity Act of the Republic of Serbia.

Library catalog is not available on line.

Library ICTM has a free access to the electronic publications of the large number of foreign books and magazines over the Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition (KoBSON ).

Librarian : Jelena Turkalj


Address: Njegoševa 12, 11000 Belgrade

+381 36 40 223/227, ext 129

+381 11 36 40 223, ext 129;

Working hours (for users): 8:00 to 15:00