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Department of Ecology and TechnoEconomics

Center of Ecology and TechnoEconomics (CETE) is a consulting-research, scientific-developmental organizational unit of Scientific Institution Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy (ICTM).

With the privatization of the Company for Technological Development A.D. (as a part of the ICTM), employees of this company established employment in a Scientific Institution ICTM at January, 1st 2007 within SI ICTM in the Sector of Ecology and TechnoEco-nomics and whereby, the business, research, development and engineering activities were transferred. With the adoption of the Statute, on 9th May 2011, the Sector of Ecology and TechnoEconomics was renamed with the Center of Ecology and Technoeconomics, which is composed of two organizational units – Analytical-Ecological Laboratory (AEL) and the Department for TechnoEconomics.

Analytical and Ecological Laboratory (AEL) is specialized for Laboratory testing (accredited according to the standard SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006, No. 01-274):

  • Ecological Laboratory - testing of water (drinking water, surface water, underground water, waste water, water working fluid) which is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Analytical Laboratory – testing of items of general use (cutlery and food handling products, packaging material for items of general use, paper and cardboard, toys, personal hygiene products, cosmetic products, cleaning and hygiene products, jewelry) and testing of water treatment agents which is authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.

Department for Technoeconomics is specialized to work in the following areas:

  • Market engineering and management in the process industries;
  • Establish goals and strategies of technological and product development;
  • Optimizing the efficiency of development, production and business activities;
  • Market research studies and reports with quality assessments of market positioning;
  • Assessment of technological and technical status and valuation of equipment and technologies;
  • Pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies;
  • Studies of the plant’s processes impact on the living and working environment;
  • Consulting services in the processes of transfer technology;
  • Design and implementation of a quality control system.

Employees Center of Ecology and TechnoEconomics design and preparare technical documentation of technological processes:

  • Technical Control of technological projects;
  • Process Engineering;
  • Development of prototype and special process equipment;
  • Development of other technical documentation.

Center of Ecology and TechnoEconomics participates with allied Faculties in education (preparing of master's and doctoral theses) and in training of scientific personnel, and through a series of publications in renowned international journals, special publications (monographs, chapters in books, etc..) as well as with regular participation in appropriate international meetings, which significantly contributes to the development of scientific-research activities.

The research team of the Center of Ecology and TechnoEconomics has achieved in significant results in applied research in the areas of water treatment, wastewater treatment and environmental protection, particularly surface water and biodegradation processes in reservoirs for drinking water. The results have been achieved also in the field of multidisciplinary researches (hydrogeology and geochemistry, chemistry, technology and technological processes, biology) on the projects of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.


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centar za ekolgiju i tehnoekonomiku

Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy,
University of Belgrade

Center of Ecology and TechnoEconomics - CETE

Location: Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy,
Karnegijeva 4, Belgrade
1st floor, office 1 and 2

Phone.:+381 11 3370 225, +381 11 3370 474;
Fax: +381 11 3370 225
E-mail: cete@ihtm.bg.ac.rs

Analytical Laboratory:
2nd floor, lab.241, Phone:+ 381 11 3370 153
Ecological Laboratory:
3rd floor, lab.338, Phone:+ 381 11 3370 501