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Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy
National Institute

grb BUUniversity of Belgrade


From August, NU IHTM has registered in the National Institut of Health (NIH) registration system. That makes our Institute eligible to be a partner Institution for project financing from NIH funds and employs can be a participant or Primary Investigators (PI) in such projects.

NU IHTM is registered with its official name - Univerzitet u Beogradu, Naučna ustanova Institut za hemiju, tehnologiju i metalurgiju, address Njegoševa 12, 11104 Beograd.

DUNS number for NU IHTM is 360347972

NCAGE/CAGE code for NU IHTM is A0S1S

Contact person for account administration is Dejan Opsenica, PhD (dopsen@chem.bg.ac.rs), with authority for the opening of individual accounts of researchers in eRA Commons system. 

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