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Working breakfast at the Fund for Science on the occasion of the first year of the IDEA program

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, on the occasion of the successful implementation of the first year of the IDEAS program, organized a "working breakfast" for PIs within the sub-program for natural sciences. This event was also attended by our colleagues Sanja Stevanović, Željko Čupić, and Matija Zlatar. They presented the AdCatFC, NES, and TMMagCat projects being implemented at our institute. This was also an opportunity to get to know the other IDEAS project leaders, exchange experiences, and discuss the results achieved in the first year and possibilities for future cooperation.

The IDEAS program is the largest program of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, with a total budget of EUR 30 million, which finances 105 projects. ICTM is the lead SRO on four projects and a partner SRO on one project. Thirty-nine projects were funded within the natural sciences subprogram.