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172 053 Bioactive natural compounds from wild, cultivated and edible plants: structure and activity

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Investigation of content and biological activity of medicinal and edible plants


  1. Isolation and Biological Evaluation of Jatrophane Diterpenoids from Euphorbia dendroides. Aljancic, Ivana S., Pesic, Milica; Milosavljevic Slobodan M.; Todorovic, Nina M; Jadranin, Milka; Milosavljevic, Goran; Povrenovic, Dragan; Bankovic, Jasna; Tanic, Nikola; Markovic, Ivanka D; Ruzdijic, Sabera; Vajs, Vlatka E; Tesevic, Vele V. Journal of Natural Products, 2011 74 (7):1613-1629
  2. New anti-cancer characteristics of jatrophane diterpene from Euphorbia dendroides, Pesic Milica, Bankovic Jasna, Aljancic Ivana S., Todorovic Nina M., Jadranin Milka, Vajs Vlatka E., Tesevic Vele V., Vuckovic Ivan, Momcilovic Miljana, Markovic Ivanka D., Tanic Nikola, Ruzdijic Sabera. Food and chemical Toxicology 2011 49 (12):3165-3173
  3. Comparative analysis of parthenilode content in Tanacetum larvatum, an endemic species of Montenegro, collected from three different locations, Aljancic I.S., Vajs V.E., Milosavljevic S.,M., Todorovic N., Menkovic N.R., Godjevac D., Tadic V.M. Chemistry of Natural Compounds 2010 46 (4):658-660


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