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III 43004 Simultaneous Bioremediation and Solidification of Degraded Areas to Preserve Natural Resources of Biologically Active Substances, and Development and Production of Biomaterials and Dietetic Products


Project type:

Applied Research


2011- 2014

Project Coordinator:

Institute for chemistry, technology and metallurgy


  • Institute for chemistry, technology and metallurgy,
  • Faculty of chemistry, University of Belgrade,
  • Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade,
  • Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade,
  • Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac,
  • Faculty of Technology, Leskovac,
  • Educons University,
  • Serbian Geological Institute,
  • Institute for technology of nuclear and other mineral raw materials

Project Manager:

Prof. dr Miroslav M. Vrvić, full proffesor, Faculty of chemistry, University of Belgrade

Number of Researchers:

43 Aim and Scope:

By ex/in situ bioremediation through the utilization of the selected active consortia of zymogenous microorganisms (MO), which features will be determined (isolated or microbiomically proven), oil pollutants will be degraded with the simultaneous soilification by humification of the degraded areas resulting from surface exploitation (primarily of coal and its use as a power source-ash dump). Hydrocarbon pollutants in natural or artificial layered soil substrates will be biodegraded, thus conducting a guided harmonization of biogeochemical cycles that are critical for land fertility, with the concurrent immobilization of toxic elements. The overall success of these procedures will depend on the contamination control and modelling, and the protection of ground and surface waters as key pollutant carriers. In that way it will be possible to protect mineral waters and plant life from these pollutants, and to create a possibility to use these resources as sources of bioactive substances and fresh cattle feed. The focus will be on biosurfаctants (their application in bioremediation), enzymes (immobilized as nanobiomaterials) and bioactive compounds of plants with antimicrobial, anticoagulative and antioxidant activities. Formulation, production and clinical studies of the nutritionally new infant (I) formulas (F)-dietetic products in the category of functional foods which use fresh milk as the basic raw material will be focused on formulations having new-their own symbiotics.

Major Results:

Subproject 1: Simultaneous bioremediation and soilification
New technology in environmental protection applied as original and unique.
Scientific papers about this!

Subproject 2: Protection of geo- and bioenvironment as natural resources and sources of biologically active substances
Management model for the protection of geo- and bioenvironments applicable to concrete degraded areas.
Systemic data about mineral waters with essential microelements as bioactive components, especially those having the features of nutraceuticals-vitafood.
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Subproject 3: Biomaterials and biocatalysis
Biosurfactants and enzymes for the application in bioremediation and biocatalitical transformations, especially as bionanomaterials.
Tested herbal bioactive preparations that have antimicrobial, anticoagulative and antioxidative activity.
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Subproject 4: Development and production of new dietetic products based on natural resources
Pullulan and chemically modified nanomaterials to be applied in dietetic products, but also as a matrix of composite materials applied otherwise.
One's own synbiotic on the level of documentation completed for the EFSA.
Minimum 3 new dietetic products at the market.
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