Scientific Institution

Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy
National Institute

grb BUUniversity of Belgrade

Milka Avramov Ivic

Research Ranks Principal research fellow







ICTM, Institute of electrochemistry, University of Belgrade, Njegoseva 12, PAK 125213, room 305,
Faculty of Technology and metalurgy Univerzity of Belgrade, Karnegijeva 4, Belgrade, Serbia

Telephone: O11 3370 389,
Fax: 011 3370 389
GSM: 064 188 3162
E-mail: milka@tmf.bg.ac.rs


1976 - Faculty of Chemistry, Biochemistry , University of BelgradeN, B.Sc Degree
1978 - University of Belgrade, M.Sci Degrre
1986 - University of Belgrade,Ph.D. Degree

Research Ranks:

1976 Research Trainiee
1978 Research Assistant 
1986 Research Associate
1993 Senior Research Associate
1998 Principal Research Fellow


Serbian Chemical Society
International Electrochemical Society

Professional Experience:

1978 -ICTM, Institute of electrochemistry, University of Belgrade,
1982. Department of Chemistry, Southampton University, Great Britain
1987. Department of Electrochemistry, University of Quebeck, Canada
1990. Department of Physical Chemistry,University of Bonn,Germany
1990. Department of Chemistry, University of Poitiers, France

Awards and Honors: 

  • 2003 gold medal, Sd.Petrovic, M.Avramov Ivic, Individual substrate stabilization procedure for spectroscopic detection of malignancy and new diagnostic method,, International meeting of inventions, ARHIMED, Moskva, Rusija
  • 2003.gold medal, S.D.Petrovic, M.Avramov Ivic, TU set for fast diagnostics of malignancy, WIPO, Geneve, Switzerland

Research Interests:

Electrochemical and spectroscopic methods in the analysis of pharmaceutical compounds, spectroscopic methods in diagnostics of malignant diseases and their automatization processes, electrode modifications in different drugs, pesticides and dyes determination.

Professional Skills:

Uv Vis spectroscopic diagnostics of malignant diseases by scanning ascites and pleaurel effussions

Language Skills:

English, german, russian speaking and writing, French speaking



1993 Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide on Modified Surfaces, European Community Project, ICTM-Department of Electrochemistry, Belgrade - Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Bonn, Germany, Co. No. CI1*CT90-0866 (TS TS), 1991-1993. 

Basic Research:

2001-2016 Investigation of synthesis and structure and properies of organic compounds (natural and synthetised, Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development, Serbia

Applied Research:


  1. Milka L. Avramov Ivic, Slobodan D. Petrovic, Dusan Z. Mijin, Katica Drljevic Djuric, New method for azithromycin determination, p-1161/2004. 11.06.2010.
  2. Petrović S, Avramov-Ivić M, Substrat stabilization for spectroscopic malignancy diagnostics, P-2001/877, 19.11.2008.
  3. Petrović S, Avramov-Ivić M, Sposob stabilizacij individualjnogo substratu dlja spektraljnogo viznacennja zlojakisnosti, Ukraina, Golova Derzavnogo departamentu intelektualnoj vlasnosti, Patent na vinahid No78740, 25.05.2007
  4. Petrovic Slobodan, Avramov Ivic Milka, METOD STABILIZACIJI INDIVIDUALNOGO SUBSTRATA DLJA SPEKTRALJNOGO OPREDELJENIJA ZLOKACESTVENOSTI, Ruska Federacija, Federalni zavod za intelektualnu svojinu, PATENT Ru No 2285443C2, 20.10.(2006),1-11

Major Publications:

Monographs and Chapters:

  1. M.Avramov Ivić, S.D.Petrović and D.Mijin, Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry series with the title : "Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications of Electrochemistry" Chapter 2 ,(2016), Springer, in press
  2. Slobodan D. Petrovic, Dusan Z. Mijin i Milka L.Avramov Ivic : New achievement in catalysis of some reactions for the production of pharmaceutical compounds Monographs, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (2010).83-93
  3. Slobodan D. Petrovic, Milka L.Avramov Ivic and Dusan Z. Mijin, recent advances in catalysis of some farmaceuticals and fine chemicals synthesis, NEW CHALLENGES IN CATALYSIS , Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, MONOGRAPHS,IV (2008), 111-127
  4. Milka L.Avramov Ivic and Slobodan D.Petrovic, Electrocatalysis of the oxidation and of the reduction of some antibiotics and antitumor drugs, NEW CHALLENGES IN CATALYSIS , Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, MONOGRAPHS, IV (2006) 201-212

Published papers:

since 1991
1.Jelena D. Lović, Dušan Ž. Mijin, Mića B. Jovanović, Olivera S. Glavaški, Tijana M. Zeremski, Slobodan D. Petrović and Milka L. Avramov Ivić, An investigation of tebuconazole degradation using a gold electrode, Comptes Rendus Chimie, (2016), 1-7, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.crci.2016.01.014
2.Olga Vajdle, Valéria Guzsvány,, Dušan Škoric, Jasmina Anojcic, Pavle Jovanov, Milka Avramov-Ivic, János Csanádi, Zoltán Kónyad,, Slobodan Petrovic, Andrzej Bobrowski, Voltammetric behavior of erythromycin ethylsuccinate at a renewable silver-amalgam film electrode and its determination in urine and in a pharmaceutical preparation, Electrochimica Acta 191 (2016) 44–54
3.Ljiljana Tolić, Jelena Lović, Slobodan Petrović, Dušan Mijin, Svetlana Grujić, Mila Laušević, Milka Avramov Ivić, Investigation of electrochemical behavior of anisomycin on gold electrode followed by HPLC-MS/MS analysis , Electrochemistry Communications , volume 58, 20-24 (2015)
4.Danijela V. Brkovic, Milka L.Avramov Ivic, Vesna M. Rakic,Luka Valentini, Petar Uskokovic and Aleksandar Marinkovic, Electrical and morphological characterization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes functionalized via the Bingel reaction, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, volume 83,121-134, DOI: 10.1016/j.jpcs.2015.04.004 (2015)
5..Nemanja P. Trišovic , Bojan Dj. Božic , Jelena D. Lovic, Vesna D. Vitnik, Željko J. Vitnik, Slobodan D. Petrovic , Milka L. Avramov Ivic , Electrochemical characterization of phenytoin and its derivatives on bare gold electrode, Electrochimica Acta 161 (2015) 378–387 ISSN: 0013-4686
6.Aleksandar R. Mladenovic, Milka B. Jadranin, Aleksandar D. Pavlovic, Slobodan D. Petrovic, Sasa Drmanic , Milka Avramov Ivic, Dusan Mijin, Liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of donepezil degradation products, Chemical industry&Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 2015 21 (3):447-455 (2015)
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12.Nemanja P. Trišović, Bojan Đ. Božić, Slobodan D. Petrović, Svetlana J. Tadić, Milka L. Avramov Ivić, Electrochemical characterization and determination of carbamazepine as pharmaceutical standard and tablet content on gold electrode, Hemijska industrija , Volume 68, Issue 2, Pages: 207-212 (2014)
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