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Department of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering

Center for Catalysis and Chemical Engineering (CCCI) is a specific institution in a country that engages in the research in the field of catalysis and chemical engineering.

Studies involve a whole range of activities in the areas:

  • catalysis
  • catalytic processes
  • chemical engineering
  • development of new technologies
  • application of the results in the industry

Research topics are synchronized with current global trends in this area of research, ensuring that the CCCI has the necessary flexibility and adaptability to modern challenges.

Center for Catalysis and Chemical Engineering (CCCI) was formed in 1985 by merging two independent units - Department of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering Department. Department of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering Department was formed in 1961 as an independent parts of the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy. The first directors of these units were Akad. Paula Putanov and Prof. Slobodan Koncar-Djurdjevic.

Centre for Catalysis

Research at the Center for Catalysis are focussed on examining the correlation between structure, surface conditions and catalytic activity with the aim of synthesizing new catalysts and catalyst supports, as well as optimization of catalytic processes in industry and the development of new ones that are more desirable from the standpoint of energy efficiency and the preservation of the environment. Research currently being conducted at the Center for Catalysis:

  • Partial hydrogenation of edible oils using a Ni-catalyst applied to natural (diatomaceous earth) or synthetic (water glass) support;
  • The photocatalytic degradation and catalytic oxidation of pollutants in waters
  • Partial oxidation of hydrocarbons
  • Complete oxidation of volatile organic compounds in the gas phase
  • Nanocomposite hybrid materials, composites based on bentonite
  • The adsorbents to remove organic and inorganic contaminants from water
  • The degradation of organic pollutants in water - catalytic 'wet' peroxide oxidation
  • Detection of organic and inorganic pollutants in water - electrocatalytic oxidation and reduction
  • Protection of soil (bentonite - polyester composite)
  • Enzyme immobilization on organomodifikovanoj, pilarenoj and acid activated bentonite clay

Center for Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering under the CCCI is carried out research in the field of fluid mechanics, the phenomenon of transfer (transfers of momentum, heat and mass) and separation in multiphase systems with dispersed particles which include.

  • Transport phenomena in fluid-particle systems;
  • Computer simulation of flow in fluid-particle systems;
  • Fluidization and fluid-particle systems: circulating fluidized bed;
  • Combustion in a fluidized bed;
  • Fountain-fluidized systems;
  • Processing and mixing of particles;
  • Mechanics, storage and transport of powders.

In the field of disperse systems Chemical Engineering is a leading research group in Serbia, especially oriented to the industrial application of fluidized beds, fountains, fountain-fluidized and transportation systems. In the past 25 years has published over 350 scientific papers in leading international and national publications in the field of fundamental research, according to which, in recent years moved to the industrial development process and devices that basically have dispersed systems and are used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical , food, environmental industry, etc.

Also in CCCI are carried out researches in the reaction engineering comprising:

  • Development of multiphase reactors;
  • Analysis of fluid dynamics in multiphase reactors;
  • Analysis and development of the reactor for the purification of industrial gases.

The results of fundamental research that are the basis of previous work group for Chemical Engineering in cooperation with the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy (TMF) is applied in industrial practice.

Based on the extensive experimental results in the transfer phenomena combined with chemical reactions in packaged systems and mobile gas-particle (packed bed, fluidized bed, fountain-fluidized bed, fountain bed with a sleeve, fountain-fluidized bed with a sleeve), developed systems for waste gases with which achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of removing volatile organic pollutants from the chemical industry to below the limits of the rigorous environmental regulations in the country and the world.

Also, in cooperation Cathedra of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Center for Catalysis and Chemical Engineering provides education of young researchers.

Department of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering


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