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Department for Materials and Metallurgy

Center for Materials and Metallurgy – CMM continues a long tradition of research and development activities within the field of powder metallurgy and sintered composite materials. CMM researchers were among the first in our country to open investigations in this area. Based on own R&D CMM has developed different technologies applied in both small and large scale industrial manufacturing.

The most significant developed materials are sintered friction materials for braking systems and torque transfer based on Fe and Cu for application in aircraft industry, heavy-duty vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment; electrical contact materials based on Ag for use in rail vehicles, industrial plants and machinery; special multicomponent alloys with well-defined melting point for use in aircraft and other industries.

CMM has an extensive research experience in the field of high-energy nanostructured Sm-Co and Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials and soft and hard ferrite magnetic materials and offers development services for products based on polymer bonded and sintered magnets, micro and nanoparticle powders. Current research activities are focused on synthesis, testing and application of functional materials with predetermined final properties – composites with polymer or metal matrices, multicomponent metal systems, sintered and biodegradable materials.

Considering the concept of improving energy efficiency and environmental protection these materials find their application in membrane systems, as friction materials, contact and sensing elements, catalysts, etc. Research activities within the CMM also include development of laboratory equipment, modeling and simulation of chemical processes in different industrial areas with an aim of achieving greater energy efficiency, development and implementation of Organic Rankine Cycle for generation of electrical energy from waste heat and integration of different renewable energy sources.

Department for Materials and Metallurgy


centar za materijale i metalurgiju

Department of Materials and Metallurgy

Karnegijeva 4/I
11000 Belgrade 
Phone/Fax: 011 3370 412
e-mail: cmm@tmf.bg.ac.rs
Head of department:
Phd Jasna Stajić-Trošić, Full Research Professor