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III 45019 Synthesis, processing and applications of nanostructured multifunctional materials with defined properties Subproject 2. The new electrochemical method for production polymeric, ceramic and metallic materials

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia

Project type:

Integrated Interdisciplinary Research (IIR project)



Project Coordinator:

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy Belgrade


IHTM - Institut of electrochemistry Belgrade

Project Manager:

Dr Đorđe Janaćković

Number of Researchers:


Aim and Scope:

Investigation of the mechanism of electrodeposition, morphology and corrosion resistance cerium coatings on aluminium alloy AA6060.

Major Results:

In a series experiment were demonstrated that treatments  aluminium alloys with aqueous solutions of cerium salts effectively inhibit corrosion process. It is shown that Ce based coatings were good replacement of the chromate conversion coatings.  Conversion coatings were applied by different methods: dip-immersion and electrolytic. Cerium layer consisted of a crystalline film of Ce7O12, a reduced form of CeO2 and an amorphous hydrated layer containing Ce3+ and Ce4+ ions.


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