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Mission and vision

The Department of Chemistry is an integral part of  ICTM, sharing its main research vision – the long-term development of scientific research and technological progress, with the Center as an equal, competent participant in worldwide academic research.

The key strategic approach of the the Department of Chemistry is furthering international collaborations, improving on existing and acquiring new knowledge, skills, and technology. The Department focuses on preparing and participating in international research projects (bilateral projects, HORIZON 2020, COST, SCOPES, and INTERREG) and collaborating with leading research institutions worldwide.

The mission of ICTM and the the Department of Chemistry is defined through fundamental and applied research projects, pursuing a high level of quality and innovation in research activities, in accordance with international standards, and constant improvement of research programs and procedures.

As a part of the strategy for scientific development of the Republic of Serbia, the Department of Chemistry plans to enhance its technological innovation-related aspects and reach out to industry in the region, with the goal of improving existing products and technologies.